Blue Plaque


Where they going to put my blue plaque?

Can they put 52 Greenway Road back?


That’s down in old Runcorn,

the town where I was born.


When people come to see

the birthplace of the author, me,


when they want to congregate

at the site of my birth-date,


it’ll be a shame to disappoint

tourists from Weston Point,


or to present just a blank

to exotic travellers from West Bank,


as they stand there and witness

the slip road to Widnes.


Perhaps they’ll be something, who knows when?

When they re-design the town, once again.


Or they’ll make a magnet for your fridge,

me before the Runcorn-Widnes bridge.


But for now you might find me

reading my words at the Brindley,


working towards that day

when I’m celebrated for a great play,


when someone looks at my works and likes them all

and says, ‘Let’s stick a blue plaque on his wall.’


Well, where they going to put that blue plaque?

They’ll have to put 52 Greenway Road back.