News of invasion compels King’s Warrior Halmorn to lead the army north. He discovers the invaders have gone but have left behind artefacts made of a metal unknown in Teyn.

Who is behind the invasion, the feared desert tribes, or could answers lie beyond the Eastern Sea?

News of personal tragedy for Halmorn is intertwined with news which threatens the stability of all Teyn. As Halmorn strives for answers figures emerge from the past who suggest he should look to the desert.  Yet no-one from Teyn has ever returned alive from the unknown world of sand and legend.

The Elusive Invader - Summary

Two generations have passed when the next adventure unfolds.


Bound by the desert and the sea, Teyn knows nothing of the world beyond its borders where a dominant empire and an emerging cult are striving for power, and an ancient enmity threatens the peace of all nations. However, Teyn is destined to be drawn into conflicts abroad.