As Lofrud takes control of Thirlanden Castle and begins a campaign to rule all Teynland Howak, determined to have revenge, travels the length of the country in search of allies to help him regain his inheritance.


Follow Howak on his travels and adventures, in battles and encounters with Teynland’s diverse people as the story takes you through varied wild landscapes, mountains and woodland, moor and heath, into castles and villages, even a few taverns.


Discover if he can reconcile his desire for personal revenge with his want of justice for all.


Who is the lone scout following him?


How are the feared desert nomads involved in Teynland’s affairs?


Will Howak’s love affair with a girl from the northern forest alter his ambition to return home to the south? 

The Long Circle - Summary

The Long Circle is set in the fictitious medieval country of Teynland, populated by feudal tyrants and their soldiers, oppressed peasantry and their outlaw champions.


After witnessing the murder of his parents, Howak, son of the assassinated Lord of Thirlanden, flees his home and parents’ murderer Lofrud.