The Long Circle - Readers' Comments

"This is a great adventure yarn that I found hard to put down. The plot kept me wondering right until the end. This author has a great instinct for story telling that takes you somewhere you don't want to leave." - Linda - North Yorkshire, UK


"I describe the story as 'riveting' when recommending the book to others." - Annie - Widnes, UK


"This was a well-crafted book with layer upon layer of rich description. The narrative never failed to inspire a sense of time and place, with the yarn moving comfortably through the changing landscapes that so obviously inspire the author. I was gripped by the pace of each unfolding conflict and charmed by the familiarity of the characters." - Rob - Brisbane, Australia


"I liked the adventurous aspect of this tale and enjoyed being immersed into another time and discovering rich descriptions of craftsmanship. After reading this book I bought more copies for friends." - Isabelle - Munich, Germany


"Check out Ian Bellard's book, 'The Long Circle.' I'm half way through and thoroughly enjoying a medieval world of intriguing battles of good over evil. The accounts of treks through landscapes are so vivid they take me right back to hikes I've taken myself in some of the wilder regions of the UK." - Andrew - Toronto, Canada